Question of the Month

September, 2011

Vitamin bottle labels are heard to read, how do I make sure I am buying a multivitamin with enough folic acid?

You are right, labels can be tricky to read. First, remember that folic acid and folate are the same thing, so whichever name you see in the ingredients list is ok. Also remember that 0.4mg is the same as 400mcg. "mcg" stands for micrograms, and there are 1000 mcg in 1 mg. As long as the multivitamin label says it contains 0.4mg or 400mcg, you are going to get enough folic acid. Also, remember that you can always ask a pharmacist for advice; they are there to help and may know a little more about specific products or brands that you can look at to ensure you are getting what you need. 

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