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Hey there, you found us! Thank you for your curiosity! You likely already know about the conventional ways of keeping sex safe, like using condoms to help prevent sexually transmitted infections...but we bet you’ve never heard of planning for the safety of a baby when thinking about safe sex. Now, we know that you are probably not planning on becoming pregnant, but more than half of all pregnancies are unplanned! By considering the safety and healthy development of a baby, regardless if you are planning on becoming pregnant or not, you can help prevent birth defects such as spina bifida. And all you have to do is take folic acid!

Ok, but why do I need to take it?

If you are having sex and are able to become pregnant, you need to be taking folic acid every day. Like we said, almost half of all pregnancies are unplanned, and a baby’s spine, brain and skull begin to develop in the first four weeks of pregnancy- often before you even know you are pregnant! If you have not been taking enough folic acid, you run the risk of your baby developing a birth defect.


What is folic acid?

Folic acid is a vitamin that is important in the development of a baby’s spine, brain and skull, and helps to reduce the risks of birth defects such as spina bifida.


So how much folic acid do I need?

You should be taking 0.4mg of folic acid everyday





How can I get enough?

To ensure that you meet your daily needs, you must take a multivitamin containing folic acid; you cannot get enough folic acid through foods alone...but it does help to eat them! Folic acid can be found naturally in many foods, and it has been added to others. By eating these foods and taking a multivitamin that contains 0.4mg folic acid, you can easily get enough.


What kinds of foods have folic acid in them?

You should look for a multivitamin that contains at least 0.4mg of folic acid, as well as trying to eat foods that are high in folic acid. These foods include chickpeas, lentils, asparagus, spinach, and broccoli, as well as foods that have had folic acid added to them, such as enriched pasta, cereal and bread.


Great! ...But what if I don’t like any of those foods?

Ok. So maybe lentils and asparagus don’t sound so tasty, but here are a few ways you can trick your taste buds into enjoying them!

♥ Try hummus! Hummus is a blend of chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice and
    garlic. Use it as a dip for veggies, crackers or pretzel sticks. Better yet, use it
    as a dip for your broccoli!

♥ Add chickpeas or lentils to a green salad with a mix of lettuce and spinach,
    add dressing and voila- a tasty and folic acid rich salad!

♥ Do you like coleslaw? Try its delicious cousin- broccoli slaw! You can buy it
    pre-made at your grocery store; all you need to do is add the dressing!

♥ Add spinach right into your morning omelet, trust us, you won’t taste it!

♥ Look for foods like bread and pasta that have been enriched with folic acid. If
    you see something that has “folate” in it, rest assured! It’s the same thing as
    folic acid!

♥ Remember, as long as you are taking a multivitamin that has at least 0.4mg
    folic acid in it, you don’t have to eat all the foods on our list!


So now you know what safer, safe sex is...

Please pass this information along to your friends, and remember to always plan for the unexpected!